The TechArchives project collects stories about Ireland’s long and convoluted relationship with information technology and preserves them in a unique series of archives.

We record the recollections of computing and online service pioneers and publish them on this web site. We also store these accounts, along with other digital files of historic significance, in a secure repository that future generations will be able to consult.

Because of Covid-19 restrictions we suspended the gathering of new testimonies in 2020. The collection process is now starting up again. If you participated in, or witnessed, the implementation of computer systems, the development of software or the introduction of network services in 20th century Ireland, we would like to add your experiences to the archives. Please make contact via the email address below.

Thirty Years Ago: The birth of Iona

Iona Technologies achieved a scale and influence unprecedented in the Irish software industry. It began with three Trinity College researchers in a back room at the O’Reilly Institute.

Read the company’s origin story in the anniversaries section

Archives Notebook

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The latest issue of Archives Notebook was published in December 2020.

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The TechArchives Timelines

Each of these timelines tracks people, projects and events in a key category of hardware, software or information service during its formative years.

Please note: The online service that previously hosted the TechArchives timelines has shut down. Events from those timelines are now displayed in text tables. We are planning to reintroduce an interactive format in due course.

Newest testimonies

Vic Saunders
Digital Equipment sales 1978-1990

Vivian Young
ESB computer operator / programmer / manager 1974-2008

Bill Rutherford
ESB computer programmer / systems analyst 1964-76

Seamus Clince
Department of Finance 1972-95