The TechArchives project collects stories about Ireland’s long and convoluted relationship with information technology and preserves them in a unique series of archives.

We record the recollections of pioneers in computing, software development and network services, publish them on this web site and store them, plus related digital files, in a secure repository that future generations will be able to consult.

Dive into the interactive timelines on this site to retrace the emergence and evolution of key technologies and industry sectors. Then read personal testimonies by authors whose experiences seldom feature in other public records. And visit the anniversaries section for retrospective accounts of landmark events.

Newsmail, operating as a social enterprise, manages the TechArchives project with support from Ireland’s information technology community.

Social distancing – as seen in 1982

No one at the magazine predicted the coming of Covid-19. But, back in the early 1980s, this piece in Irish Computer considered the viability of working from home in the 21st century: 

As this site grows, it will cover a broader range of subjects, feature a more diverse set of stories and display more types of content. TechArchives depends on individuals who are willing to record their experiences or to donate documents, images and digital files. All contributions are very welcome.

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The timeline tools and information management methods used on this site can support private projects as well. Discover Memory-as-a-service.

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Newest Testimonies

Bill Rutherford
ESB computer programmer / systems analyst 1964-76

Seamus Clince
Department of Finance 1972-95

Seán Connolly
Office of the Revenue Commissioners 1969-2005

Peter Morrogh
System Dynamics 1978-80 / Beecom 1980-89

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