The core mission of TechArchives is to create and preserve public records. At the same time, however, the tools and methods behind this work can support private projects, such as assisting to tell anniversary stories, preparing for commemorative events or publishing personal histories.
This activity helps to meet the expenses of the project. We call it ‘memory-as-a-service’.

For example …

Testimony author Frank Cole worked in the Soviet Union from 1973 to 1977. He was willing to share his extraordinary experiences there through a series of interviews. Obviously, however, these stories fell outside the ambit of TechArchives and were therefore published in an e-book instead.

The Internet Neutral Exchange Association (INEX) commissioned a history section for its web site. This includes people profiles and recollections from different stages in the development of the exchange. It also features an INEX timeline that continues to expand, depicting the evolution of internet peering in Ireland and around the world.

IBM commissioned a special timeline that mapped events from the company’s first four decades in this country against corporate milestones and Irish technology landmarks. This offered opportunities for staff members to explore the lives and times of their predecessors.

TechArchives holds an ever-expanding collection of source documents and utilises the best practices in timeline design and digital file preservation. We can apply these to any project that involves capturing and sharing memories.