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The community meets here

The TechArchives project is expanding steadily. We hope to cover more and more aspects and eras of information technology in Ireland by collecting testimonies and by preserving digital evidence. In order to cover a broad range of topics and timeframes, however, we will need the input and perspectives of a broad range of people.

This forum is where you can have a say about the project’s activities and priorities. What subjects deserve more research ? What stories have we missed ? What material might be lost forever if it is not catalogued and stored now ?

In addition, TechArchives needs to interact with other IT history groups and initiatives, such as hardware collectors, web archivists and the alumni networks of individual companies. This forum offers a meeting place for everyone with an interest in technology heritage, supporting exchanges of knowledge and experience across this wider community.

Share your thoughts by joining the discussions on this page. Or by starting one on a new topic. You will need to register in order to take part, but we have kept the process simple and secure. And we will not share your personal details with anyone.

Rules of conduct

Professional conduct and communication are expected:

  • No abusive or slanderous language.
  • No sharing offensive or inappropriate material.
  • No spamming.
  • No sharing materials that belong to someone else, unless you have their permission.